I have decided to dedicate this blog to explaining my philosophy and my ideas about psychology and about social evolution. I try to write in a clear and structured way, and my posts-articles are linked below in the order I deem is best to read them in (it’s mostly important for the article arranged in numbered lists).

I enjoy feedback and I’m tolerant and open minded – just please be nice and don’t insult anyone. Enjoy, and please share your thoughts. You may also email me – my information is on the contact page.

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A note about Wikipedia:

I have made many links to Wikipedia articles, in my articles. Wikipedia is a problematic – and often, biased – source, but it can still be very useful if you use it properly: if you cross reference Wikipedia articles with one another and with external sources, if you suspect it, always, and, especially, if you have a good book or two, as a starting point.

Use it for what it is.


My Model of Psychology and Social Evolution:

Basic Concepts:

Social Evolution:

  1. Determinism and Free Will
  2. Life, Evolution & Consciousness
  3. In Tristitia Veritas
  4. Repression and the Birth of Religion

Individual Articles:


  1. Psychology from the Evolutionary Perspective
  2. The Soldier’s Dilemma; Determinism and Morality
  3. The Second Brain
  4. The Mechanics of Trauma – An Introduction
  5. The Mechanics of Trauma – Part II
  6. Introduction to Regression Therapy

Individual Articles:


Ancient Israel:

  1. Ancient Israel – A Brief History (1207 – 876 BC)
  2. Ancient Israel – A Brief History (876 – 722 BC)
  3. Judaea in Vassalage (~947 – 722 BC)


My critique of Prof. Yuval Noah Harari’s Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind

  1. What Harari does not understand about his own theories
  2. Critique of Harari, part 2: The Selfish Meme
  3. Diogenes, Harari and Stoicism


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